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Markets we serve

In today’s fast moving world, new needs are emerging: the innovative markets of renewable energy and critical power, a growing demand on energy for buildings or transportation, globalization trends from our customers, and environmental and social excellence.

In this challenging context, Amphenol AUXEL is perfectly suited thanks to a flexible and nimble structure and with decades of experience in all these key areas. For every project our international team works with you to deliver the most innovative, safe, reliable and cost effective solutions, always taking into account the specific needs from your market, equipment or customers.










Our products

For more than 25 years, Amphenol Auxel offers a complete interconnect portfolio and engineering support for IT, industrial and renewable power systems including both power distribution and power conversion applications.

Low Inductive Busbars


Custom Interconnects

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The main objective of this high-tech product range, based on extremely thin insulating material and on a specific bonding process, is to optimize the electrical parameters and constraints (inductance, skin effect, creepage distances, etc.).

Amphenol AUXEL has the expertise to guarantee this optimization over a wide range of the functional parameters (current, voltage, frequency, etc.) and the applicable constraints (reliability/partial discharge, thermal and space issues, etc.). Moreover, we will work with you to optimize materials and processes in order to lower the unit price.

OLST technology (Optimized Local Surface Treatment) is a plating of copper on aluminium. The two metals are inseparably welded together in a special process based on dynamic gaz cold spray associated to a fast moving robot.

This process combines the advantages of light metals (low weight, easy workability, etc.) with the advantages of copper, such as corrosion resistance, the property of being soldered, special features for electrical purposes.

We design and propose complete solutions in order to limit the cost of a function and time for assembly.

We provide our expertise and help you to improve your system performances, extend its lifetime, limit its weight, and reduce service and peripheral costs.

High Voltage

High Temperature

Datacom Busbars

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AMPHENOL AUXEL offers an optimized approach for high voltage low inductive interconnections: use of specific material, low inductive design with respect of creepage distances and efficient control of partial discharge…

Typical applications: traction converters, wind energy converters, MV power conversion systems, SiC (Silicon Carbide power switching components).

Energy management is at the heart of the concerns of many industries. Development engineers always look for solutions to improve the technical characteristics of their systems: higher nominal voltage and current, higher power density level, efficiency close to 100%…

All these developments invariably lead to system operating temperature strong increases.

Datacom equipment often requires compact and reliable solutions for power distribution. AMPHENOL AUXEL designs and produces specific distribution busbars for this application.


Custom Power Terminals

Critical Power

Power Distribution Blocks

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AMPHENOL AUXEL is a leader in the Low Voltage Electricity field and our knowledge of applicable norms (UL, CSA, IEC,…) in every situation provides you with the solutions best adapted to your needs.

We develop flexible interconnection systems which allow user to easily and quickly connect MCCBs or other electric protection device to the line.

We propose a complete range of catalogue products for low voltage applications (comb busbars, power distribution blocks, solutions for critical power, earthing connections, etc.)

Connector solutions for busbars

Solution for Power Module industry

Earthing and Power Terminals

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Amphenol is one of the world’s largest providers of high-technology connectors. We offer a large range of quick connection system for our busbar systems.

New SiC switching technology bring significant advantages to Power Electronic Industry.

New development are pushing research for new inductance minimization methods (especially for MV and HV modules).

Earthing terminals are used in different applications including switchboards and control equipment, electrical equipment, for wind and solar power generation and also in data centers.

Extensive Technology

For over 30 years, Amphenol AUXEL has been developing new solutions by handling the most advanced technologies to address the challenges of power distribution: Carrying Current, Insulating, Connecting and Assembling.

Benefiting from the synergy of complementary fields and various design and manufacturing locations worldwide, our company is at the leading edge of technological developments and competitiveness.



What is OLST?

Replace copper electric conductors by aluminium with copper on the contact surfaces. OLST is a coating operation based on the high-speed projection of micro-particles on a surface.

The two metals are inseparably linked together in a special process based on dynamic gas cold spray associated to a fast moving robot.

Varnished  Insulated (Laminated) Busbar

It is a matter of replacing the insulation film or powder coating  with insulation used in motor industry, particular enamelled wire.

VILB Project is a technological transfer between the electric motor industry (enamelled wire) and static power inverters.

Innovative characteristics developed for the project :

  1. Based on varnish solvent free
  2. Possible assembly with UV thermo-adherent glue
  3. Micro-spraying technology  (thin multi-layers)
  4. UV LED curring
  5. Filler (micro& nanopowder) to increase performance

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Amphenol Global Interconnect Systems (Amphenol-GIS)

Amphenol Global Interconnect Systems designs and manufactures electro-mechanical cable assemblies and Value-Add Interconnect Solutions for Information Technology and Data Communications, Mobile Networks, Industrial, Heavy Equipment, Rail and Military/Aerospace markets around the world. We pride ourselves in being your Local Interconnect Partner around the World.

At Amphenol-GIS, we collaborate with our customers and partners to solve their interconnect challenges with competitive innovative custom and standard interconnect solutions. We produce industry-leading high-speed backplane, power, cable assembly and wire harness solutions.

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