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For over 50 years, Amphenol AUXEL FTG has been developing new solutions by handling the most advanced technologies to address the challenges of power distribution: Carrying Current, Insulating, Connecting and Assembling.

From Low Voltage Electricity to Power Electronics and Electronics, Amphenol AUXEL’s competence centers are handling, sharing and mastering the same basic technological expertise. Benefiting from the synergy of complementary fields and various design and manufacturing locations worldwide, our company is at the leading edge of technological developments and competitiveness.


  • Maximize the conductor type and size for efficient current carrying efficiency and heat management;
  • Limit impedance of the system and Optimize the inductance to limit the overvoltage risk that could damage components and degrade reliability of the entire system.


The essence of electrical systems reliability, ensuring that there will be no short-circuit over time, is accomplished by:

  • choosing appropriate materials according to the expected life,
  • incorporating materials for the required dielectric strength,
  • accounting for environmental factors, and
  • consideration of the partial discharge constraints. 


Providing quick and reliable connections to optimize the cabling time, maintenance down-time and failure risk (“Plug & Play”).


Achieving the optimum compromise between capacity and mechanical behavior, especially in harsh environments such as extremes of vibration, humidity and temperature.