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Anticipating market needs by qualitative marketing analysis, designing or re-design to cost, co-designing with our client to create innovative and cost effective solutions, testing with the most advanced simulation and prototyping techniques, as well as managing projects are the daily activities of Amphenol AUXEL’s engineers and technicians.

Today, with its strong experience, Amphenol AUXEL designs a wide range of custom designed products (for Electronics & Power Electronics).

To guarantee a sustainable evolution with an innovative state of mind and an effective research & development process, we strongly encourage and feed the synergy between the expertise of our engineers in the Low Voltage environment with those in the Power Electronics environment. The combination of these two areas of expertise, and the sharing of knowledge, allows us to generate new and unique approaches.

Being a global company with engineering offices in France, China and India, Amphenol AUXEL is able to operate and be close to most clients and agents as well as exhibit competence with various international norms and specifications.