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High temperature busbars

Energy management is at the heart of the concerns of many industries. Development engineers always look for solutions to improve the technical characteristics of their systems: higher nominal voltage and current, higher power density level, efficiency close to 100%… all these developments invariably lead to system operating temperature strong increases.

High temperatures are impacting laminated busbars characteristics. Indeed, mechanical design, current flowing and stray inductance management are directly impacted by heat.

AMPHENOL AUXEL offers solution for high operating temperature laminated busbars. In the design, we are considering 2 major directions:

  • Adapt product shape & characteristics in order to limit heat generation
  • As a solution our designer can directly integrate efficient & cost acceptable cooling systems

Thanks to its state of the art production facilities, its simulation methods and its dedicated project management engineers/team, AMPHENOL AUXEL can guide you in your laminated busbar developments.