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PowerLug is a durable, low-voltage drop termination fabricated from the stranded ends of the cable itself. This very reliable “lug” is formed using stranded power cable. Since the wire is used to make the lug itself, the circuit current rating is limited only by the wire and not the lug.


  1. Strip the insulation from any size cable(s) from AWG 12 to 500 MCM.
  2. Place a Copper retention tube over the contiguous wire stranding
  3. Compress the stranding and retention tube into a near solid copper mass
  4. Add the detail features required for the application such as 1 or 2 holes, RADSOK®s, anti-rotation pin, custom geometry
  5. Dip in RoHS Compliant Solder
  6.  Shrink tubing for Strain Relief/Insulation


  • Any Power Cable
  • The larger the wire gauge the better
  • Robust / Reliable
  • Contiguous piece of copper
  • Efficient
  • 25% less resistance than traditional lug
  • Lower Temperature Rise
  • Shock and Vibration
  • Space Saver
  • Multiple terminations within a single crimp
  • Cost Effective