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Power distribution block
finger-safe and individually adjustable

Power Distribution Blocks is an interconnection technology mainly used in low voltage distribution cabinets.

This technology offers the possibility of reducing fitting times, save space and allows easy identification of network phases.

Amphenol Auxel develops and sales products for panel builders and low voltage device manufacturers.

Key characteristics:

  • Maximum operating voltage: 1000VAC / 1500VDC
  • Up to 800A
  • Short-circuit proofness (up to Ipk 50kA)
  • Time and space saving
  • Finger safe (IP20)
  • UL listed in some case
  • Material: tinned aluminium / brass
  • Integrated, adjustable phase marking
  • Interchangeable marking
  • Connection clips secure simple pole PDBs for multiphase applications
  • Safe mounting on DIN rail or directly screwed on the mounting plate
  • Feed by sectional round or flat conductors, aluminium or copper